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Lighthouse In The Storm

Christine Gonzalez Licensed Psychotherapist

Addiction Recovery

Addiction is not about the substance or the behavior you are addicted to. It's about the motivation, the need, behind the addiction. It's a physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual issue. Learn to discern the needs of your heart, and how to feed those needs in healthy and satisfying ways.

The original need, that led you to the substance or behavior you are addicted to, has now led you to a physiological addiction that continues to drive your actions. In addition to breaking the physiological addiction, it is vital to discover your unique motivation for returning to the substance or behavior you are struggling with.

As a certified drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions counselor, I can help guide you, and provide the skills that you need, to begin your journey of recovery. At times, collaboration with inpatient or outpatient medical recovery treatment is also needed. If you do not already have this resource, a qualified resource can be provided.

No one and nothing should have control over your actions and your life without your consent. Start your journey of recovery now by calling and scheduling your appointment. I provide free phone consultations.

CALL 949-667-2083