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Lighthouse In The Storm

Christine Gonzalez Licensed Psychotherapist


Most of us know what it's like to worry and stress now and then over the many issues in our lives, and in our world. Some of you, however, are experiencing constant discomfort with anxiety, worry, stress, muscle tension, insomnia, etc. Often you've even tried medication to reduce the anxiety just to find that it helps only for a while. There is hope!

For many of you, medication helps you manage feelings that you are finding difficult to manage on your own. But medication is designed only a temporary solution until you learn better coping skills. It's not meant to be a permanent fix. Let's talk about real SOLUTIONS! Let's talk about learning the skills that will FINALLY bring you success in managing and reducing anxiety, stress, worry, and the rest. Anxiety is not only very personal, it also affects relationships, work, family, school, financial, and sometimes the very meaning of your life.

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Whether you're anxious about the relationship you have, worried about ever having a relationship, getting out of a stressful relationship, or maybe nervous about starting a new one, it can help to have professional guidance to help you navigate relationship stress and anxiety. Let's talk about it. Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to make good decisions about relationships. It can be easier once you've learned how to get the anxiety under better control. That's where I can help.


Worry about job performance, keeping your job, conflicts with the boss or coworkers, how your kids are doing while you're at work, your future in your job, moving past the "job" and into a satisfying career - these and other worries can drain your energy. Also, the daily stress can ruin your sleep, and make it more difficult to function well at work. Let's get this kind of anxiety under better control, and improve the quality of your work and home life.


Is there a lot of stress in your family? Anxiety in your home? Conflict between your children? Or with difficulties going on with your relatives? This is not what anyone dreams of when they imagine raising a family, or imagine the future of their extended family. These stressors, anxieties, and worries can overshadow the joys of life. You need to find a way to still see the good in life, even through tough times. This is possible with some help and support. Give me a call and let's start reducing anxiety, stress, and worry, and help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Whether you're a young student, or an adult pursuing further education, school can bring with it a lot of stress, anxiety, and worry. Young people in high school these days have so much homework after school that they sometimes work more than 8 hours a day! And if they have sports, music, school government, extra curricular obligations (which is often required for college), or sometimes a part time job (!) their lives can more stressful than their young minds can handle. These students are reporting a lot of anxiety, stress, worry, insomnia, and exhaustion. They need our help! Even younger students, Gifted and Talented students, are weighed down with hours of homework and stress. They are urged to take more and more difficult academic tracks to prepare for college. Sometimes it's just too much. If your child is struggling like this, PLEASE bring them in and let's begin helping them bring their lives and health under better control.

If you're an adult student, working and going to school, and maybe with a family, you know what stress and anxiety is. The work just keeps coming. You wonder if you're going to make it through to the end, to graduation, to freedom. If you're schedule is disrupting your sleep, giving you daily anxiety and stress, affecting your job, or maybe negatively affecting your family, please reach out for help. There is a better way. Let's find out together. Your health and family are worth it.


Do you worry and stress daily, weekly, monthly about how to make ends meet? Are you anxious about those big bills, income tax, home taxes, back to school expenses, college tuition? This kind of anxiety doesn't have to steal the joy of living. Besides a financial planner, you need someone to help you turn down the volume on the anxiety, worry, and stress. You've come to the right place.

EXISTENTIAL ANXIETY - the meaning of life

In our world today, there are many stressful events going on, and many circumstances that are causing people worry and anxiety. Political issues, international unrest, environmental and weather concerns, moral issues, military activities, cultural changes, and the list goes on. Studies show that people of all ages are affected also by constant exposure to social media and news. Many clients report that these stressful events are affecting them daily with anxiety, worry, insomnia, emotional unrest, reducing the quality of their home lives, work, and relationships. THERE IS HOPE! There are realistic ways to reduce this kind of stress and improve the quality of your life overall. Call me and let's begin exploring how YOU can improve your life and regain peace of mind.

CALL ME TODAY! I'm confident that you will begin to find relief almost immediately. I've helped many many clients finally find relief and success in managing worried thoughts, reducing stress and panic attacks, improving sleep, and many other anxiety issues. We will explore every avenue to find the tools you need to start feeling better again.

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