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Lighthouse In The Storm

Christine Gonzalez Licensed Psychotherapist

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and for years to come.)

Marital, Premarital, Reconciliation, and Peaceful Divorce/Coparenting Counseling:

Marital Counseling 

Maybe you've lost your connection, you feel distant, or your love has grown cold. Or maybe there's too much heat - there's frequent anger and resentment. Run, don't walk, to my office to start the healing process for your marriage. You CAN regain the love and connection you had in the beginning. Under the apathy, and yes under the anger, there still lives the LOVE that brought you together.

As a certified Prepare and Enrich counselor, I am fully prepared to provide the assessments and guidance for both you and your spouse to get moving in the right direction toward healing and joy. In the counseling session, you will be amazed at how much more you and your spouse will be able to share and listen with one another, increasing your understanding, and your connection.

If your intimacy is a problem, I am able to help both of you learn to talk about this more comfortably, how you can get on the same page, and learn to improve the give and take of intimacy. By learning to really understand each other, you can better meet each other's needs, while feeling respected and cherished.

As I draw from several models of marriage counseling, I will offer you perspectives that can greatly enrich your marriage. Learn how marriage is the ultimate human relationship, combining friendship, romance, companionship, and yes even sometimes co-parenting of one another. Marriage is a combination of all the types of relationships in the human experience. Also, marriage is a life-long experience of becoming a united couple. Big changes don't often happen in weeks or months, but small ones can!

Call me today and schedule your first session, and begin the journey to the loving and deeply-connected marriage that you both desire. Call 949-667-2083

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital counseling adds greatly to the possibility of a long-lasting, successful marriage. Marriage is a life-long experience of becoming a united couple - two becoming one. No one would go into business with a partner they knew little about. Don't go into marriage, the most important partnership, without finding out all you can about your potential mate. As a certified Prepare and Enrich counselor, I can provide you with the latest tools in pre-marital counseling to help you make an informed decision before marriage, and to help you be as well prepared for marriage, as you can be. With online tools for each of you to complete, as well as in person consultation and guidance, you can find out much about yourself and your spouse-to-be, and feel well-prepared for your lives together. Call 949-667-2083

Reconciliation Counseling

You'd both like to give your relationship another try, but you're not sure you know how to make it work this time. You need some guidance and tools to help you start fresh. It may take breaking some old patterns, and learning new ones, but you can do it. You just need the support of a professional relationship specialist. Before you take the step to remarry, it's wise to have some help to start off on the right foot. Be sure that the two of you can make the adjustment, and learn the skills, to make it last this time. It's easy to fall back into old patterns. But when you've taken the time, and made the effort, to get the help and guidance you need, you can know that this time can be different. CALL today and begin the journey of rebuilding your relationship. Call 949-667-2083

Peaceful Divorce and Co-parenting Support

Divorce: When you've tried everything, and it looks like divorce is the only solution, you need help to be sure that it is done as peacefully as possible for both of you, and for any children you may have. Divorce is never easy, but it doesn't have to be a battlefield. It is helpful to come to some agreement on the process. It is also important to your physical and mental health to make the transition with as little damage to yourselves (or your children) as possible. When you know you're going to take this step, get the help you need.

CALL and set up a consultation to find out more. Call 949-667-2083

Co-parenting: Whether you're separated or divorced, if you have children together you will need some support to help the two of you co-parent successfully. It is much different parenting together as a separated or divorced couple than it was when you were together. You owe it to your children to learn to more peacefully compromise about things, and make this experience as easy as possible for them. It is ideal to be able to come together to sessions and learn the new role of separated parents. When this is not possible, you can still work on this while attending sessions separately.

CALL and set up a consultation to find out more. Call 949-667-2083 

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