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Lighthouse In The Storm

Christine Gonzalez Licensed Psychotherapist

Social Support Group

This group is for adults with Social Anxiety, ASD (Autism, Aspergers, other) or other issue, to help improve communication and relationships. If you have difficulty initiating or sustaining conversations,

starting or keeping friendships, need help in the workplace or with family, friends, or neighbors,

then this is the group for you! Email or go to (free) to join and look for "Social Support Group." Meetings are $30/session. (On break for the holidays, please check back after Jan.1).

CALL 949-667-2083 for more info.

Caregiver/Parent Support Group

Do you have a special needs adult or child that you care for? Are you feeling overwhelmed and could use some support? This group is for families with a special needs loved one who need somewhere to meet and talk about their unique struggle, and get some understanding and support. You can also give and receive helpful input with other parents/caregivers, community resource information, and strategies to learn how to balance your life and your child's needs. Learn about some small changes that you can add to your life that will help you prevent burn out, provide quality care and emotional support for your child, and improve the quality of your family's life.

Some topics will include managing stress, self-care, getting family/outside support, your child's strengths, understanding your child's needs and level of functioning, community resources, guilt, disappointment, anger, and more.

Email or go to (free) to join and look for "Caregiver and Parent Support Group." Meetings are $30/session. (On break for the holidays. Please check back after Jan 1.)

CALL 949-667-2083 for more info.



This group offers education, resources, encouragement, and a safe place to share your wisdom and experience. Come find support and understanding, learn new ways to cope with and improve your symptoms, and stop struggling alone. It IS possible to get LIFE back into your life again. You ARE worth it, there IS Hope, and things CAN Change. Don't give up yet. A cord of many strands is strong. CALL today, or send a message on my contact page. Meetings are $30/session. (On break for the holidays. Please check back after Jan 1.)

CALL 949-667-2083